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Essential workshop/ 1 day/ 11:00-19:00/ 4 places / 75.00€ (inkl. MwSt.) each

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Sat. September 29th (FULL!)

Sat. October 20th (FULL!)

Sat. November 10th (FULL!)

Sat. November 24th (FULL!)

Sat. December 1st (FULL!)

Sat. December 15th (FULL!)

Sat.  MARCH 2nd (FULL)

Sat. MARCH 16th

all materials included.
workshop will be held in: English

requirements: Laptop, a simple 2-color design at 300 dpi in A4 size.
Dress properly, there is no chance to survive the workshop with clean clothes!

The essential workshop is an intensive screen printing class, great both for beginners and for people who need to reboot their silkscreen knowledge. You will be shown all the intriguing aspects of screen printing, and led hand in hand by a professional tutor to the creation of a 2-color edition on paper that we will print in 20 copies, 20×30 cm.

We will  learn how to work on a file and make it print ready,  how to coat a screen, expose it on a UV-table, and make it ready for the printing session.

We will then learn how to mix water-based inks, how to hand-pull prints and make an accurate registration of the 2 colors. Printing will be done individually and in teams, always under the supervision of the tutor.

At the end of the Essential workshop you will be able to print independently any type of image onto paper!

for booking your place please send an e-mail to:

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